Help with Visual Basic control of R8xDPDTCNRS

I am trying to use visual basic 2015 to turn relays on and off and cannot seem to find the appropraite code to do this. I have adddes the controls to VB. i can read the status. But do not know how to toggle the relay on or off. here is what i am doing.

This is an example of a button i have to turn it on

Private Sub Button5_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button5.Click
NcdComponent1.ProXR.RelayBanks.TurnOffRelayInBank(1, 1)
End Sub

when i read the status i get back 85 and the relay never clicks so to speak. any ideas? Using vb 2015 ENTERPRISE.

Well, that button appears to be sending TurnOffRelayInBank so it will not turn the relay on.

That said you are using ProXR commands for an R8xDPDTCNRS which is a Pro series board, not ProXR. I do not have VS on this computer so I cannot check but I believe the NCDComponent has a library for the Pro series boards. If so you should use those commands.