Help with Proxr web-i and grouping

Newb here…this is an existing system, that I inherited. Original Invoice #23584 circa 2014

I am able to add on/off buttons to web-i. Question 1: Is there something more current I should be using (shows depreciated-works fine!)?

Currently there are 16 banks 8 relays each. It is setup now to have all on / all off. What we would like to do is divide it up into 2 sections. Where we can turn on/off “A” portion as well as turn on/off “B” portion. 1st problem being the current “A” sections is spread across 13 different banks, some have 4 relays on a bank, some 1, some 2 non sequential… “B” section would essentially the opposite. I can group bank 1 relays 4567 and send a command, that’s fine. But I’ve only got 8 buttons on web-i and looks like I could send 3 separate commands per button. I’d prefer not to have so many buttons.

For example:
Bank 1 - Relay 4 5 6 7
Bank 3 - Relay 2
Bank 10 - Relay 6 8
Bank 14 - Relay 1
etc…(19 total)

I’m just chasing rabbit holes at the moment so any help pointing me towards the right one would be appreciated.

I’m not sure I fully understand the setup but it sounds to me like it might make things easier if the loads were wired to the relays in a more elegant manor. So the first relays are group 1 and the remaining relays are group 2. That will probably significantly simplify the commands you need to send.

There are commands for setting the status of all relays in a bank of relays, but if the command has to target multiple banks in different configurations that could be tricky.

Yes, ultimately doing it that way would be easier/best…at least for what I need to do lol. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something. I can propose they either re-wire and or limit the amount they need.

It’s all lights and some electric outlets to monitor. They don’t need everything on very often and essentially want a group of work lights to come on only. I will see what they come up with. Thank you!!

Are you not able to set more than 3 commands in the macro?

Originally I had edited the macro directly SPECIALS%20TEST%20ON:254,111,1;1;300:254,112,1;1;300:254,113,1;1;300:254,109,3;1;300:254,110,4;1;300:254,110,5;1;300:254,112,7;1;300:254,112,8;1;300:254,110,9;1;300:254,113,10;1;300:254,115,10;1;300:254,109,11;1;300:254,115,11;1;300:254,115,12;1;300:254,112,12;1;300:254,111,13;1;300:254,108,14;1;300:254,112,15;1;300

it returned 85,85,85 and nothing came on. Dropped it to 4 and no luck, 3 worked.

I was thinking I could possibly edit the configuration page and list more than 3 commands to issue.

If you have the original Web-i which is a Lantronix xport pro module I don’t believe there is a way to send more than 3 commands in a macro.

The newer Ethernet are not limited to 3 commands per macro, but it won’t be compatible with your board without an RMA to upgrade the 3.3v power converter on the board to support the higher power draw of the newer module.