Help me understand IAQ on the PR55-45L Environmental sensor

First question: Is this a correct statement: When first turning on the sensor, the first 30 minutes of the warm-up occurs and a IAQ baseline is established.

Second question: What happens to the heated sensor while the device is sleeping? Does it need to heat up each time before sending the next reading?

Third question: If I hit the ‘reset’ button on the sensor, does it cause a new 30 minute warm-up baseline to be established?

Last question: I have 30 sensors that have been running for about one month. Most are only sending the value ‘80’ for IAQ, and a few are sending ‘0’. They have never sent any other values. This doesn’t seem correct, what might be going on with these?

  1. Yes
  2. Every 3 sec the cpu sends a pulse to sensor and keep the sensor heater warm
  3. yes
  4. 0 is not right. what’s the value of the gas resistance. can you power cycle these sensor ?

Power cycle seemed to do the trick. The three sensors that were showing ‘0’ are now reporting ‘80’, each having slightly varying gas resistance values.