Help Me Pimp My Ride

Working on a Project on a Vehicle. It needs to function from an iPad mounted on the dash. needs to have Wifi. needs to control dry contacts via wifi. needs to have feedback circuit to display winning status on iPad.

Consumer gets in vehicle and taps >>Start Button<< on touchscreen to start process
Consumer inputs: Name, Email, and Phone Number…
Consumer taps: Submit – which starts a video
At the end of the video. Touchscreen gives instructions to start the game.
Consumer presses >>Start Button<< on Touchscreen again to start the roulette game.
( Touchscreen send signal to roulette game to start)
Game begins – LED’s begin circling headliner in ceiling and sound comes from in car speaker system
Consumer tries to stop LED’s by pressing button in vehicle (i.e. Horn, Brake pedal, or Other Button)
If Led stops in Red zone = “Try again” on screen + Try again Sound
(Feedback Circuit 1 -Roulette game sends signal back to touchscreen )
If Led stops in Yellow zone = “Almost” on screen + Almost Sound
(Feedback Circuit 2 -Roulette game sends “almost” signal back to touchscreen )
If Led stops in Green zone = “ Winner” on screen + flashing lights, honking horn
(Feedback Circuit 3 - Roulette game sends “win” signal back to touchscreen, Triggers win relay 5 sec TRC timer, flashing horn and lights)
End of game, everything resets

Hey Mike,

If I remember right we spoke years ago. Good to hear from you again.

We definitely have the hardware you need for that, the app however would need to be developed since it is pretty specific.

Any idea what type of signal we would be reading into the board for user input? Would it be a simple contact closure signal?

I have an App developer. I just need the Hardware and instructions on how to use it

Yes, It would be a simple contact closure. I would also need 3 feedback circuits.

Hi Mike,

When you say “feedback circuits” are you referring to relay outputs?

To keep things simple I believe you need the hardware to have X number of relay outputs and X number of dry contact closure inputs. Can you let me know how many inputs and outputs you need on the hardware?