Help Getting Started With Custom Lux Sensor Module

Hello, I am looking into using NCD products for a custom sensor module that comprises of 3 lux sensors. I also want to see live data from these sensors wirelessly. I was thinking I will need 3 lux sensors (BH1715), a multiplexer (TCA9546A), rasberry pi, and some kind of wireless module with an antenna. I already use the prebuilt sensor modules (pH and humidity) so if this custom module could communicate with the existing gateway that would be optimal. The goal of this module is to compare the lux levels between the three sensors to measure plant density and I am looking to get pointed in the right direction. Any advice would be great and I will try answering any clarifying questions quickly.

Hi Fedor,
Yes, we can do that. We don’t need to use the RPI module. we can build without it
How many units do you need, and how soon do you need?

Matthew will email you the specifics.