Gmail inbox to trigger a relay....old photon and particle no longer working

Ultimately we would like an email in an inbox (or keyword in gmail calender) to trigger a momentary relay closure for 50msec or so. We need a loud buzzer to activate in a warehouse when things popup on google calendar.

We had all this working with a photon board using IFFFT that would trigger particle that would operate a photon board relay output. This worked fine from 2018 to present until particle was no longer supported. I have watched the migration video that shows particle to webhooks, but I can not open the old IFFFT app I created since it is no longer supported so I do not understand how to do it.

Is there a newer board I should buy that is easier to setup? Should I continue using the photon board? Is there a newer integration I should use instead of Iffft?

The board we have is PR16-8-10A and when we ordered it we told you to program the momentary output code. I think all I had to do in the IFFT was say “1on” or “momentary” or something similar.

Thanks you.

Currently we do not have a replacement for that application unfortunately. Any solution is going to require some fairly significant development to implement.

Travis, thank you, but that is disappointing. So can it be done using the IFFFT to webhooks to Photon board?