Getting data from a Zigbee thermostat

I am looking to gather status information (temperature, mode [heat/cool], fan [on/off]) from a Zigbee thermostat using NodeRed. I am trying to understand what hardware I would need to use to communicate with it. I already have a USB wireless modem, PR55-17A w/XBee-Pro communications module.

The manufacturer states that the thermostat uses the ZigBee HA 1.2 protocol. Is there a way to “listen” to a device like this? Do I need different/additional hardware?

Thank you, Tim


Unfortunately the PR55-17A doesn’t support the ZigBee protocol. It uses a network protocol called DigiMesh. We don’t have any support for the ZigBee protocol at this time.

Both Node-Red and ZigBee are commonly used for home automation applications so there are most likely some existing solutions out there.

We sell the PR55-17A with 2.4ghz module, and that module supports Xbee. but as Jacob stated, we do not have any software support for it. You will have to figure that out.