Get input state of Enterprise IIoT Gateway

How can I get the input state using Node-RED?
I previously configured the inputs using RobusOS and I can check the status in this software but I don’t know how to get this data from Node-RED

You can execute terminal commands in Node-Red using the Exec tool. That will probably do what you need. I have not personally worked with the inputs/outputs on the Gateway yet.

Hi Travis!
Do you know what command could be used for that?
I can’t find anything in the Robustel docs

Sorry, as I noted I have not worked with the inputs/outputs on the Gateway.

@Jacob have you experimented with the I/Os on the Robustel Gateway yet?

Hi, @jacob !
Is there a way to get this data from these devices?

Hello @TravisE_NCD_Technica and Jacob, some updates about this topic?


Currently reading the state of the DI and controlling the DO is not supported in Node-Red. There are a few issues with doing this. Primarily I’m not sure how to parse the data coming out of the DI files and secondarily the node-red doesn’t currently have permissions to read that particular file.

Permissions could be updated using the command line, but this might cause issues with the web UI having access or Node-Red having access to something it shouldn’t.

In any case the files that interact with these DIs are /dev/DI1 and /dev/DI2 which are both symlinks to files in the /dev/input directory.

Hi Jacob

¿ Soon will there be an option to read these entries? For a project that we start in January, we need 11 of these gateways, but we need to connect that digital input (counter mode) to a flow meter.

I currently don’t have an estimate on how long it will take to integrate. Most likely it will be a firmware update and a C script running in the background that need to be done.