Frequency analysis problem using vibration/temperature sensors with firmware 18


We recently installed a large number of vibration/temperature sensors at one of our customers site. These sensors use firmware #18.

We have noticed that the vast majority of these sensors, if not all, always return 0 values for the z_peak_one_Hz, z_peak_two_Hz and z_peak_three_Hz fields. This is true even if a vibration is detected on the Z axis.

We have not observed this with sensors with firmware older than 18.

We’d appreciate your help in solving this problem.


V18 has enhanced vibration algo which eliminates noise a lot better. we do not skip any bin. the vibration values are you seeing in z axis are due to gravity and the freq of gravity vibration is 0.

what’s the ODR and dead band value ?
can you share the vibration values ?

Here’s an example. The deathband is 1mg and the ODR is 800Hz

set the HPF level to 256. this will move to lower cut off freq close to 3hz and avoid the DC terms.
in node red enable following option and the HPF

Once an hour sensor will automatically check with node red for new settings.

also can you check and config is the filters re enabled or not.

I followed your instructions and it works now. Thank you very much :slight_smile: