Fob control network/wifi relays

We have 3 sites in one building, each with NCD relays controlled by WIFI/network.

I would like to use a fob for toggle function.

The fob controller board cant go on the relays, as they have the wifi board on them.

I see different solution possibilities, but seeking most streamlined and failsafe.

I need 3 fobs to each be paired to one of 3 rooms and not interfere with each other.

SO I presume 3 receivers are needed; each fob and rx paired independent of the others.

But how to get receivers to be able to send a network command to LAN IP of relay…

Cheers from Iceland.

Well there are two different ways, one would be to replace your boards with Fusion boards which have two interface ports. Only one can be used at a time so you wouldn’t be able to hold the socket open on the WiFi module.

The other is to use a Photon with a Key Fob Overlay and write some software on the Photon to control the relays when appropriate.

The first should be more straightforward, but may require relay command changes in software. The second should be cheaper and playing with Photons is kind of fun tbh.