Flashed Tinker to NCD4RELAY Particle Photon by accident - need firmware(?)

I’m terrible sorry that i did not read this before flashing Tinker onto my Particle Photon:

Warning (Read before continuing):
It is very important during the setup process using the Particle App that you do not Flash the Tinker app. Doing so will require flashing NCD firmware into the module which can be quite complicated.

Is there a way to save my NCD-relayboard?
I’ve been googling for hours, but I can’t find any firmware for the board…

Hi Jon,

Yes, you can refresh the firmware to the board. To do so follow these steps:

  1. Go to https://build.particl.io.
  2. Click the library icon on the left side(looks like a ribbon).
  3. Search for NCD4Relay. Click to select it.
  4. Under Examples on the left click on CloudControl.cpp.
  5. Click Use This Example.
  6. Click the Flash button on the left(looks like a lightning bolt).
  7. The firmware should now flash to you board. If it does not click the Devices icon on the left and make sure the correct device is selected and try again.

Thanks a lot!
Beeing new to this I thought that the CloudControl.cpp only would flash firmware to my Photon and not the Relay-board, and that the process of restoring the relay-board was much more complicated.

Now it seems to work again!

Very grateful!

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