Find IP address and access device after configuring Contact Closure Email Generator

I got the device on the network and the green light is flashing. I can’t find it on the local network. I tried a fixed IP address.

The Configuration interface is only available via Soft AP which is only enabled when the board is in Configuration mode. You will need to press the Configuration button on the device to put it back into configuration mode, connect to it via WiFi, then load the configuration interface as you did previously.

I configured the device several times; the last time very carefully entering the wi-fi password. The green light on the device is flashing. I can’t find it on my network. I saw several possible wifi devices; none will connect on browser port 80.

I do see what looks like a new device: esp32-arduino Wireless 34:94:54:C9:1C:34. I cannot connect to it using browser port 80.