Figuring out trigger with text alerts

I just ordered " 1-Channel General Purpose SPDT Relay Shield + 7 GPIO with IoT Interface - [10 Am](calendar:T1:10 Am)p SPDT"

I found an old video and it seems that it will work with IFTTT to send email and or text alerts.

What i am trying to do is monitor differential pressure (inches of water column). And set a trigger point. When the differential pressure reaches a certain point, it will send an alert. I saw there is several different products available on the site that monitor pressure but it doesnt look like any monitor inches of water. I found a belimo pressure sensor that outputs 0-10 vdc. I was considering purchasing the belimo. But then i need another control that will close when the correct VDC signal is sent from the belimo which will then trigger the " 1-Channel General Purpose SPDT Relay Shield + 7 GPIO with IoT Interface - [10 Am](calendar:T1:10 Am)p SPDT". Are there any products that you would recommend or an easier way to do this. I like the belimo because it is autozeroing and is +/- .02" accuracy but I am open to other equally accurate products. Ultimately I would like to he able to monitor the pressure remotely and receive alerts at a customizable trigger point. This is my first attempt at building something like this so bare with my inexperience.

Hi Adam,

Our IFTTT products used to utilize Particle Photon modules. Particle however discontinued support for IFTTT so we do not have “off the shelf” IFTTT compatible devices. Firmware would need to be developed on something like the ESP32 to communicate with IFTTT.

We have differential I2C interface sensors available on the site which could be plugged into the I2C port of the board you have. You will however need to develop the firmware so you will need experience with C/C++ or Arduino firmware development.

Is there any other way to receive a trigger notification by email or text besides using IFTTT. I am not capable of programming

If you are looking to send emails based on contact closures you could use this product: