Factor of 2 (?) issue reading sensors on 4-20mA receiver

I have the https://store.ncd.io/product/4-channel-4-20-ma-current-loop-receiver-16-bit-ads1115-i2c-mini-module/ chip on Raspberry Pi. When unplugged, I am getting a few (tens) ADC points reads, which is reasonably accurate. However, for some reason, when I plug in a 4-20mA sensor at the 4mA conditions, it reads ~3200 ADC instead of the expected
Any help or suggestions are appreciated. I am using Python and the ads1115.read_single(#) to retrieve the reading. Obviously it is not my conversions as the specs clearly say the ADC reading for 4mA should be ~6430 and full scale 32154. I do not have a good way to produce a full scale right now, unfortunately… Thank you!

it is working as expected. ADS only outputs 15bt values with its use in single ended mode

Thank you, Anil - to confirm, my calibration will read max value of ADC 16,077 at 20mA (full scale of the sensor) instead of the 32154, correct?

So I simply need to adjust the ADC# conversion to physical units. Is that true?

Hi Anil - thank you again! To confirm, at 20mA, my calibration then should read max ADC value of 16,077 instead of the 32,154, correct? Thank you!

That will depend on the gain settings.
Your FSR should be set to 2.048V. in that case, the 20mA will be around 30K

Thank you, I will give it a try.