Exporting Readable Data From Alpha Station

I am trying to export the sensor readings to excel or some other similar form from alpha station, but I am not seeing any explanations or limitations on if this is possible. I am trying to avoid having to code in visual basic and would like to just pull the data straight from alpha station. Is this possible?


We generally recommend using Node-Red and a CSV if you want to go directly to excel. Node-Red also has a Google-sheets plugin for uploading directly to an Excel like spreadsheet.

You will need nodejs: https://nodejs.org/dist/v16.20.0/node-v16.20.0-x64.msi
You will need Node-Red: Running on Windows : Node-RED
And you will need our library: node-red-enterprise-sensors (node) - Node-RED

Once that is all installed you can customize the flow to build your csv file or upload to google sheets. We have a sample CSV flow at: GitHub - ncd-io/Node-Red-Flow-CSV-Dashboard: This sample flow monitors data from a specific sensor, displays readings in dashboard, logs data to CSV, and graphs data on dashboard.