Expected transmission Rates and Content expected

I’m just begun testing with the mqtt gateway and some sensors such as motion, light, 1-channel-door, 1-channel vibe plus.

For testing purposes I had dropped the delay to 1 (understanding the battery impact.) At lower delays the motion, light and 1-channel-door have a very steady stream as seen in mqtt. (0 / 1 for opened/closed for door, lux values for proximity, motion 0 / 1) Battery-/power usage aside I suppose that makes sense.

What I’m not sure should be expected is at the slower intervals. What is “normal” at 5, 10 for example. Are only the state seen at those very discreet intervals transmitted? (If a door open/close or motion happens between and interval would it be missed?

I’m not 100% sure I understand your question, however interrupt driven devices like the door/window or push notification will send a transmission on input change, this resets the report interval so for instance.

Push notification device with report interval set to 10 minutes.

  1. Interval transmission is sent at 9:00 AM.
  2. Input triggers interrupt transmission at 9:05 AM.
  3. Next interval transmission would occur at 9:15AM which is 10 minutes after the previous transmission(interrupt triggered).

Hopefully that answers your question.

I’ll do some more testing for sure (taking into account your notes and circle back.) That may help to clarify my questions.

On the subject of the “interrupt” devices sending transmission on input change are you surprised I’m able to see constant transmissions on non-input changes (when setting interval to 1?)