Example of I2C dual DAC Arduino

Is there another example of the I2C dual DAC for the Arduino? Trying to output two separate signal outputs.

AD5667 16-Bit 2-Channel Digital to Analog Converter I2C Mini Module


See pages 23 and 24 of the data sheet for the AD5667 here which explains the 1F byte written on line 28 of the sample code:

The Command(bits C0-C2) are set to Write to and update DAC channel n, those will not change. However bits A0-A2 will change depending on the DAC output channel you are attempting to control. In the example bits A0-A2 are all on which addresses both DAC channels. If you set all 3 of those bits off the command will only control the first DAC channel, and if you set only the lowest bit(A0) it will only control the second DAC channel. Basically just change the 1F byte to 18 if you only want to control the first channel or 19 if you only want to control the second channel.