Ethernet to Serial Communications Module – New Gen 3


I just get my new package with the new [Ethernet to Serial Communications Module Gen 3]

after setting the IP and the baud rate.

I did start testing one of my APP ( I have 4 APPs and a cloud platform developed under web-i all work okay with web-I estimation cost $20 000).

I’m getting this picture and my APP became useless I have to reloaded, switch back to the web-I perfect, I don’t yet test those APPs link to the cloud afraid to mix-up all my dashboard

What to do now? How to make it much with the web-i

I’m sure my IP setting is ok

And I did change the baud rate to 57600, even try with 115200

I don’t have $20.000 to restart

And expect to put my system on the market next month.

Hi, the Web-I has reached the end of it’s life. The new Ethernet module should not be installed into old boards, please see the compatibility notes on the product page. The new Ethernet module should only be installed in Fusion controllers or newly updated ProXR, ProXR Lite, Reactor, and Taralist controllers. I cannot assist you with the App that you mention as we did not develop it. But I can tell you that placing the new module in older boards is not going to work.
Please let me know if you have more questions.


We are developing the APP with the new Ethernet serial communications- new Gen 3

So after we reach this point

I mean get the IP, look the picture

How to see

all relays

Our APP including some sensors

For now we have the Fusion 32-Channel SPDT Relay Controller with 16 GPIO or ADC and I2C


the Industrial Relay Controller 4-Channel SPDT + 8-Channel ADC

As circuit boards

Support for relay control and status view on the web page is not yet supported by this module.
We plan to add support in future versions of firmware.