Ethernet to I2C Converter

I got the Ethernet to I2C Converter connected to a PCF8574 8 I/O I2C chip With AnyI2c it works fine but I can´t get it working on the web -i html site.
I don’t know what byte’s I need to send. Thanks for any help

Any I2C will show the data packets being sent to the device. I would get that information, then input it into the WEB-i.

I did that and it is not working, I don’t know should it be Dec,Hex or Binary

Can you provide screen shots of what you are seeing in AnyI2C and what you are entering in the WEB-i?

Hello, here is the screen shot from the AnyI2c, with this commad I can turn on the output
I copied the command into the web -1 html and it is NOT working

Thanks for helping me with that issue

Forgive me I’m not extremely familiar with the AnyI2C software but I do know the commands need to be wrapped in an API packet and the data being shown in that Log does not appear to be displaying the full API wrapped packet. If you’ll take a look at the second screenshot in this guide you will see the commands wrapped in the API packet which always begin with a 170 byte, the next byte is the length, the bytes after that are the payload, and the last byte is a checksum.

Hello, thanks for Helping me on that issue, but is looks like my Ethernet to I2C Converter is broken NCD Config tool strarts with a error massage and I can’t get to the hmtl side any more ( The error message on NCD Config Tool is in german and says
Invalid Argument = Value 192 Value for Selected Index invalid
Paramtername: Selected Index



I would recommend making sure you are using the latest version of the NCD Configuration tool. It should be It can be downloaded here:

Hello, I got the version and it showes that error. I can ping the device fine. I think the firmware is gone or curupted

I would recommend sending the device in for RMA repair. You can complete the RMA form here: