Ethernet Relay Drawing Inconsistency


I’m trying to create a fairly accurate 3D model of the 8 relay version of the Eth Relay Board. When looking at the drawings and images, it appears there are some inconsistencies with them.

The drawing SSR8xPL-MECH.gif that is provided with the part does not seem to line up with images of the board itself.

This image shows that there is no middle mounting hole on the SSR side of the board and that the middle hole on the other side of the board is offset pretty far off center. It appears that the 4 corner holes are not affected, so I will just use those for mounting. It does seem that an updated model and or drawing would be appreciated though.

If a .brd file was provided, I would be able to create my own model of the board to ensure the accuracy of the mounting.



To continue this thread. There does not appear to be drawings for the 2 Relay version of the board. A full drawing would be appreciated, but all I really need is the mounting hole pattern so I can make a bracket for it. Can this information be provided?


I apologize, we do not have mechanical drawings for this device available. We no longer utilize the CAD software this device was designed in so we cannot access the files to create mechanical drawings.

Are there any in house that can be physically measured for dimensions?

I have requested physical measurements from our production manager. Will let you know once I have them.

Excellent, thank you.

Here are the physical dimensions provided by our production manager:
8 3/8 x 4

I assume that is inches. Are you able to get the hole pattern dimensions? Thanks.


Yes the dimensions are in inches. I do not have hole spacing but I can tell you all mounting holes are inset 0.165" from edge of board to center of hole. Generally that is enough information to conclude a mounting hole layout.

Hi Travis,

Thanks, that should be enough info to create the bracket I need.