Ethernet modem not passing sensor traffic

My client has a PR55-17B wireless to Ethernet modem on the local network with an NCD gateway. I’m able to browse to the modem from a PC on the network. And have restored the modem to factory defaults. Using Node-red I’ve set a gateway node to capture any packets on port 2101 at the modem’s IP address. I get no traffic through that node other than a type error when the node tries to read the “on” parameter, when I restart flows. Other devices report fine through the radio on the gateway itself. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.


Can you send a screenshot of the configurations of the Ethernet Modem either through its web ui or through the NCD Config Tool? Of particular interest is the Mode of the Ethernet module, the port number, and baudrate.

Can you send a screenshot of the Ethernet modem’s settings in Node-Red?

Additionally can you send a photo of the Ethernet modem with the lid off? Of particular interest is the wireless module installed and the USB/ETH jumper on the modem.

We followed up on this on a different thread - sorry for the duplication.