ESP32 Setup for Arduino


I got my boards today. They are all very impressive, solid PCBs.

I have done a ton of development for the ESP32 so I already have the Arduino IDE set up using the Adafruit ESP32 Feather. The hardware selector has an entry for the Adafruit model BUT I don’t see one for NCD. Which hardware entry should I use for your unit?

Also, I noticed the difference with an additional button and the really cool dual color LED. I am having a hard time finding the docs for this variant so I can understand the significance of these new cool features. I’m not exactly the brightest bulb on the tree so if you could include an URL or two, it would be great!



Hi jb,

We do not have a board manager profile for our modules, you can continue using Adafruit ESP32 Feather. That’s what I use and it works great.

As you noted the new ESP 32 modules have a couple of buttons along with an RGB LED. One button is a reset button(just power cycles the ESP32) and the other button is a general purpose button, it is connected to pin 32. To use the button initialize it like this:


Then you can monitor it like this:

  //Button pressed
  //Button not pressed or released

The RGBLED is connected to pins 2-RED 15-GREEN 13-BLUE. The Anode type of the RGB LED is Common Anode. There are several Arduino libraries out there for RGB LEDs so I’d recommend grabbing the one that works best for your application.

If you have any other questions please let us know.
Thank you,
Travis Elliott

Thanks for the info!

I tried to upload a quick app to scan wifi using the Adafruit Feather profile, default baud rate, etc. and I get the following (port is correct);

**Build options changed, rebuilding all
Sketch uses 655370 bytes (50%) of program storage space. Maximum is 1310720 bytes.
Global variables use 37396 bytes (11%) of dynamic memory, leaving 290284 bytes for local variables. Maximum is 327680 bytes. v2.6
Serial port COM12
Connecting……____An error occurred while uploading the sketch

A fatal error occurred: Failed to connect to ESP32: Timed out waiting for packet header**

Baud rate is 256,000! Ah Ha!