ESP32 Module Question

I am interested in using your ESP32 module for two seperate applications. 1 application would be for standard IOT applications, and the 2nd application would be for more intensive process control.

I know the ESP32 can handle the IOT application, but how will it hold up under the process control application. For example, if it is running a program controlling valves, solenoids, and relays, for 12 hours a day, 300+ days out of the year? Is it rugged enough to handle this in an industrial environment?


We manufacture a module with the ESP32 on it but we did not develop the ESP32. I would do more research on the ESP8266 before you formulate a decision. I really cannot supply my personal opinion as I have not yet developed a 25/7/365 design based on the ESP32. However I can attest to the reliability of similar products like the Particle Photon which I would say is the most reliable of all these devices. If I were in your shoes requiring an extremely stable device in this form factor I would first evaluate whether or not the Photon has the capabilities required, if it simply cannot do something you need to do then look into alternative devices. That is just personal opinion but is based on extensive experience with the Photon.