Environmental sensor sending zero (0) humitidy and strange pressure

One of our PR55-45L production-deployed sensors started sending zero value humidity and large negative pressure value after 4/12/24. Is this when we bounce the sensor (turn off, wait some time, turn on) or simply hit ‘reset’? Or what could be going on?

Currently looks like this:
“received”: “2024-05-02T11:15:11.9340000Z”,
“gasResistance”: 5516,
“temperature”: 19.87,
“humidity”: 0,
“pressure”: -210.4,

Before 4/12 was sending normally:
“received”: “2024-04-12T01:18:56.9450000Z”,
“gasResistance”: 1727,
“temperature”: 15.16,
“humidity”: 36.762,
“pressure”: 384.65,

this could happen is the probe is not connected, loose or damaged.

Thank you. Will check the probe, then reset.