Enterprise Wireless Vibration Sensor- time domain data


I’m trying to get raw vibration sensor data as continuously as possible in a node-red environment.
Right now, I got the min,max,rms data out of the sensor, but i want the time domain data transmission.

According to the documentation I saw here ( https://ncd.io/enterprise-wireless-vibration-sensor-product-manual/ ), the way to get the sensor to transmit raw sensor data is through this command:

7E00 1310 0000 0000 0000 00FF FFFF FE00 00F8 9900 0028 3B

I have a few questions:

  1. Seeing we implemented our system in node-red, is sending this command possible with the existing libraries?
  2. We would need to do this continuously and at different sampling frequencies. Is there a way to do this with no human intervention (physically pressing the configure / reset buttons)?


This sensor only sends the rms, max and Min data.
for time domain this sensor is recommended

The max BW of this sensor is 12Khz. so this will pick up noise at low frequency.

Yes, this sensor will be able to send continuously time domain data.


Hi Bhaskar,

Thanks for the reply. That’s the sensor I have, so I know it can send time domain data.

My questions were:

  1. Is sending the “time domain data transmission” command possible in your node red libraries?
  2. Is it possible to change the time domain data transmission sampling frequency without physically pressing the configure / reset buttons on the sensors?


  1. node red does not support this sensor type yet.
  2. No, its not possible to change the sample freq. sample freq can be changed in the cfg mode only.

The sensor type of this sensor is 40 please can you check the sensor type.

In the data i receive from the sensor i see
“data”: {
“nodeId”: 0,
“firmware”: 1,
“battery”: 3.2940600000000004,
“counter”: 133,
"sensor_type": 8,
“sensor_data”: {
“rms_x”: 979.82,
“rms_y”: 20.08,
“rms_z”: 1059.7,
“max_x”: 994.05,
“max_y”: 192.51,
“max_z”: 0,
“min_x”: 0,
“min_y”: -176.41,
“min_z”: -1073.84,
“temperature”: 25

But it looks exactly like the one you sent in your previous reply…
Do we have the right product?

Looks like the one you have doesnt have time domain capabilities.
the pictures are same but there is difference in hardware and firmware.

currently the time domain one is out of stock let me see if we can get one for you.

In our invoice (number 46788) we have
PR52-33N Industrial IoT Wireless Vibration And Temperature Sensor, Rohs Compliant
Which corresponds to the SKU number for the sensor

Can you check on your end please?

i remember there was an instance where we talked to one of PWC engineer and we decided to go with low noise sensor and we also added one extra probe.

If you are looking into a sensor which can send time domain data then you will need PR52-33N. I wasn’t aware that time domain is a requirement. The one you have is PR52-33E.

I will have one PR52-33N ready for you.

for private discussion i can be reached at bhaskar@ncd.io.