Enterprise Sensors Contact Closure / 4-20mA Output

Does NCD have anything in the Enterprise Sensors lineup for outputting a contact closure or 4-20mA Signal?

I am not looking to sense it, I am looking to trigger it, remotely, from a gateway. Specifically I would envision one of these white boxes, with an M12, or terminals, that is powered up, always listening.

When that device receives a very specific Xbee packet sent to it, it would either open/close the contacts or change the 4-20mA Signal it is outputting.

Any thoughts on if this already exists?

Yes, here are the few option

  1. Contact closure output
  2. 4-20mA output

Regarding the unit in the white box, it seems we need to have a chat with some of our engineers; I suspect there’s a mole among us. That’s the very unit we’re developing, and it’s set to be released in a few weeks. :smile: Naturally, it will come without any proper documentation.