Enterprise IIoT gateway stuck at RUN led blinking

I just got an enterprise IIoT gateway. I started it and was able to get to the login page through eth1. I could even connect to the wifi access point. I checked that SSH was also working properly (i did not run any commands though, except browse through the floder structure).

I changed the wifi AP to WiFi client on the config main page and filled in the credentials for it to connect to the SSID so that the gateway can reach the internet. But since submitting the changes to the WiFi, the gateway froze. I have power cycled it multiple times and even used a pin to reset it, but the gateway does not boot anymore. When I power it, the eth0&1 leds momentarily flash amber lights and then they go off showing no signs of any activity. Only the RUN led blinks green continuously.


We haven’t encountered an instance of changing the network settings bricking the unit.

It might be an MDNS issue. Can you try connecting to it via ETH1 again and entering the IP address This is the default ip address on ETH1 and over WiFi AP.

If that brings up the configuration interface then its possible MDNS url was cached to the local IP address or cached to the address.

On the WAN configuration for the WiFi which firewall zone did you choose?

Hi Jacob,

So, my gateway eth1 and my laptop were both connected to an unmanaged switch. Initially, I was able to reach through this configuration. Since the glitch, I power cycled it once more, got rid of the switch and connected the gateway to the laptop directly and it works now.