Enterprise IIoT Gateway MAC Address

We purchased an “Enterprise IIoT Gateway” and are unable to get it to connect to our corporate IT network as it appears that the ethernet port keeps randomly generating 6 MAC addresses, none which match the address on the device.

We have to have a static and defined MAC in order for a device to connect to our network for security reasons.

We did not see this issue with an originally purchased “NCD Industrial IoT Edge Computer”.

The MAC address printed on the device is for the WiFi network interface. The Ethernet ports do not utilize that MAC address.

We discovered in the past few weeks that the MAC address utilized for the Ethernet client port is randomly generated when the Network Interface restarts or the device is power cycled. We are working with Robustel currently to resolve this to a static value.

Does your network require whitelisting MAC addresses? Is that also required if a static IP is set on the device rather than utilizing DHCP? If so you could set a static IP on the device for the Ethernet client interface until we get the randomized Ethernet Client MAC address issue resolved which should be very soon.

Yes, we have to whitelist MAC addresses due to security protocols and hardware classification requirements.

In the mean time, I’ll try to use the Wi-Fi if that is truly static. Hopefully it’ll work with our enterprise authentication.

Hello, I wanted to follow up and see if there is a fix to this issue. At this point we are not able to use the device.

@TravisE_NCD_Technica @jacob can you look into this

Hi Aaron,

The latest firmware for the Gateway will resolve this issue.

I have sent you an email directly with reference to instructions on updating this firmware.