Enterprise IIoT gateway lite High cpu utilization

Hi all,

We have recently purchased an enterprise IIoT gateway lite and after logging into node red on the gateway and attempting to connect some vibration sensors to it, it has become basically unusable. The CPU utilization is at 95-100% and I can no longer access node-red from the device.

Anyone else have this issue?
gateway cpu

Thank you.

Can you SSH into the gateway and run the command top?

It will move around a bit as this command updates occasionally. Look for something under the COMMAND (last) column that is commonly at the top. Let me know what that is and preferably a screenshot of the terminal window when its at the top.

The Lite gateway should settle down on CPU usage ~2-4 minutes after boot.

You can find information for SSHing into the gateway at: SSH into your IoT Enterprise Gateway - NCD.io

And the command on its own line is:

Thank you for the reply.

I took a couple of screenshots that I will attach to this. The GUI says it is at 100% still but it looks like the cmd says otherwise?


I think we’ll have to get on a call so I can take a look. Can you submit a support ticket at: https://ncd.io/contact-us/technical-support-for-ncd-industrial-devices/ and we’ll get a call scheduled.

It is saying that nodejs and the system are eating up the CPU.