Enterprise IIoT Gateway didn't received sensor data

I’m using Enterprise IIoT Gateway to get 3-channel current sensor data without any modem
sensor is working on alpha station, but I only get those massage on node-red debug window, do I miss something?

thanks for any help

Hi Gabriel,

Actually the fact that it is printing out the mac address of the modem indicates that it is able to communicate with the modem.

This is showing that the modem failed to respond once, but communications were re-established.

Do you have an order number for the sensor/modem and for the Enterprise Gateway I can take a look at to see what you have? Primarily I am wondering if the frequency of your modem, gateway, and sensor are all the same.

Hi jacob,

Thanks for your reply, my order number is #515148, used 3-channel current sensor and gateways are all in this order.