Enterprise IIoT Gateway Configuring Sensors


I am using the Enterprise IIot Gateway to read data from the Industrial IoT Vibration Sensor v3 through node-red. It successfully sends the general config settings automatically (node id, sample interval, etc.) however I am unable to set the INT threshold through inputs to the gateway. I have a node set up to send the command to request raw data (in mode 2) which works correctly, and I successfully tested setting the node ID with a command instead of the auto config.

My command I’m using to try to set the threshold is [0xf4, 0x3c, 0x0, 0x0, 0x51, 0x08, 0x01], where the sensor is set to have a node ID of 0. When sending working/correct commands I get an ack from the sensor but no messages with this command and I can’t tell where its going wrong.

Related to this, when a command is correctly sent and acknowledged, is there any way to see the serial data returned? When I try to run getter commands, it acknowledges it but I cant see any other return value.

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Hi Riley,
can you share the part number of the sensor you have?


Yes, it is the Wireless Enterprise Dual Vibration Sensor V3 type 81, with sku PR55-61E, and I am using the Enterprise IIoT Gateway, NCD-Edge-CR, to communicate with it.

Thank you

I am assuming you want to get data when the vibration goes above certain limit and not wait for the interval data ?

This product does not support that specific feature. PR55-61E only sends data after user set interval.
as of now its only supported by PR55-67A.

Ah I understand thank you, that was the functionality I was looking into. I don’t think this is the case but just to double check, with the PR55-61E is there any way of reducing the polling interval to below 5 minutes, or better yet a way to manually request data be sent? If not, I do know that it sends out data at start up after configuration, so if there is a way to remotely reset or power cycle it without jerry rigging something together that could also be helpful.

The default firmware does not have this but we can build a custom version which can send data as fast as possible.
how many units do you need ?

We will only need about up to 10 sensors in the end, though we are still in prototype stages of our project. What would the flashing process look like if you were to build custom firmware?

you will need a updater like this one

I will see what it takes to build the custom firmware

That sounds good thank you! I’m a little confused about what the update tool is that you linked since the store page has no info on it and the GitHub seems like it provides the executable to flash it given the image binary.

Also I’m assuming changing the polling time in the firmware would be easier than this request, but would it be possible to add a command that requests the data from the sensor asynchronously?

the tool is just a usb to serial converter which connect the sensor to PC.

requesting data will be huge change and wont make financial sense for such low volume.

That makes sense, let me know if it still seems doable to lower the sample interval once you have a change to investigate it more.

Thank you!

Hey @Bhaskar, do you have any update on whether or not it will be possible to create a custom image for the vibration sensor with reduced sampling time?

Yes, we can do this. the cost for this development will be around $1000. its a one time cost and we can build as many units as you need.