Enterise IIoT Gateway Timezone

I have the timezone set in the Robustel EG5100 Services/NTP page for my location, but the Node-Red Date() function is returning British Summer Time. The System Time on the Status tab is accurate in the Services/NTP page.

Hi @jasonwellman

You can adjust the display for different time zones:

const date = new Date()
const dateTimeStr = date.toString()
const timeZoneIndex = dateTimeStr.indexOf('GMT')
const timeZoneOffset = dateTimeStr.slice(timeZoneIndex + 3, timeZoneIndex + 8)

return timeZoneOffset

I share you the documentation:

You could also try to use an inject node with the Timestamp function and see what result you get.

I hope this information is helpful. Please let me know if you have any questions.
Eduardo M.