Endnodes with Ethernet?

Endnodes don’t have an option to be built with Ethernet on the store, but docs say this is possible? I am having a hell of a time getting the 3 endnodes to work reliably over wireless, and am about ready to give up.

Also, any chance of ncd making an o2 gas sensor?

It will work with ethernet, i think the issue is the enclosure. The ethernet won’t fit in the enclosure.

Yes, we can build O2 sensor. it will be a custom sensor. we will need to know that O2 range.

0-30% or around there for 02 range would be ideal.

I might take a look at hacking ethernet into the endnodes, because wireless isn’t working well enough for it to be a solution - nodes work fine when they are working, e.g. the CO2 sensor is very reliable, but if an endnode stops talking, it just stops, even sitting right next to the controller.

We can get on a call and take a look at the end node setup.

How many O2 sensors do you need?

Re: o2 sensors, 3 or 4.

I think I am lacking the hardware to get into the wireless protocol unfortunately. But I would be happy to try to debug on a call before I throw in the towel.

I have a node-red flow using broadcast address 00:00:00:00:00:00:FF:FF sending 0xFE,0x21. Right now, an ASM1-3 and one ASM1-5 respond as expected, but the second ASM1-5 doesn’t respond, onboard light doesn’t flash, etc. The ASM1-3 initially had this issue too, then both worked, now this one doesn’t again… totally puzzled. Power cycling, resetting from Alpha Station, etc., haven’t made any difference. Addressing the units individually instead of via broadcast has the same result, as do other commands.

do you have a USB adapter for the radio module.

@Anil_Bhaskar I don’t. I would have taken debugging further if I did. Was being optimistic about the radio part just working.