Edge Gateway node-red to Azure with LTE connection error


In my next step to push data to our company Azure IoT portal I am now configuring the LTE connection with SIM card in my Edge computer.
The LTE connection is up and running (see screenshot), LTE IP number is visible on the small LCD display in the gateway but the connection to Azure is not made. With WiFi the connection was up and running.
In the node-red flow under the Azure node “Error”.

For the modem command I use
AT+CGDCONT = 1, “IP”, “internet.m2mportal.de” (It is a T-Mobile SIM card).
What can be the mismatch?

Change : I found it!
In the Node-red Azure node in the field “Enrollment type” choosed “Individual”. (that parameter is automatically set back to Group!?).

The data is now streaming to our Azure portal via LTE! Awesome this NCD.io system!