Edge computer sends data only when node-red opened in an external computer

I have an IoT Edge Computer (PR55-36_BETA_LTE), connect to internet via ethernet cable (not using SIM card), receiving data from predictive maintenance sensors (PR55-20A).

When the computer is connected to power, and the sensors sending data, I don’t receive anything in my Azure IoT hub.
Only when I open the node-red port of the edge computer in a browser (microsoft edge), it starts sending data to the Azure IoT hub.

How can I fix it, so that when the edge computer is on, the node red will be on and the data will be sent to Azure?

Thank you,

Hi Roi,

Whether or not the web browser interface is open to the Node-Red flow editor should make no difference. Node Red should be running on the device and if the flow is configured correctly the data should be sent to Azure. Can you provide screen shots of the flow you configured on the Edge Computer?