Dynamically setting sensor interval without entering configuration mode + get initial state


We are building a software where we have a NCD Modem that listens to the different sensor readings when a “session” is running, so it does not need to constantly get the readings.

I would like to know if it is possible to dynamically (without entering configuration mode):

  • lower the interval when we start the session,
  • get an initial reading,
  • higher the interval when we stop the session,

We receive the sensor reading as bytes with a TCP Client, is there a way to send to the server the same type of message to do the different actions listed above?

We are using the following sensors:

  • Air Quality PR55-59_THPC
  • Air Flow Velocity Sensor PR55-24B
  • Door sensor PR55-1G_1S

Thank you for your time!

The hardware you have might not be able to do it, but we can build custom firmware that will allow this.
Keep in mind this will drain the battery a lot faster.

The change will be in firmware, hardware will be same.

Hi Anil,

That would be really helpful, I am going to send you a private message to see how we can arrange things.

Thank you!

Sur thing. i can be reached at bhaskar@ncd.io