Dubious TVOC values from Air Quality sensor

Hi there! I have recently been testing out an IoT Wireless TVOC CO2eq Temperature Humidity Gas Sensor.

While all of the other parameters from the sensor have been reasonable, the TVOC value is continually at “0”. When I opened a can of paint next to it, it did not increase. Even if there was a “baseline” of 0 ppb in my testing location (not really possible as it is in a closed garage), I’d expect some natural variation above 0 on occasion.

I did try blowing on the sensor, which briefly raised TVOC (and CO2). So, while I believe the sensor is responsive to changing conditions, I’m unsure if it’s accurate unless air is forced into it.

Has anyone else experience this, and what helped to give more reasonable TVOC values?

Thanks so much!!

During initial 30 min the sensor should be placed in a most possible clean environment.

During this time it will take init readings and use them as base line.

It takes some time to reach to the changes. so you might have to place it near pain for a while.