Don't receiving data or data has a shorter payload from vib Sensor

We are using AlphaStation to see payload at least, but it is shorter than expected.
After a while I got one record, not sure why is taken so long and why the payload seems short vs data to parse. I don’t mind the AlphaStation shows Unkown Data Source, but at least help us to see what raw data we are getting.
7F 65 0B 03 D8 01 00 50 00 46 4C 59 00 00 FF FF 00 0A 00 14 00 01 00 00 04 00 02 01 19 03
65-Node ID (101)
0B- firmware (11)
03 D8- Battery
01- Counter (01)
00 50- Sensor Type (80)
00- Status
Sensor Data (len=21) : 46 4C 59 00 00 FF FF 00 0A 00 14 00 01 00 00 04 00 02 01 19 03
46- Open mode (70)?
4C-data rate KHz (76)?
59 00 –Temp C
The length of Sensor Data = 21 Bytes doesn’t match the 46 Bytes for parsing in the manual.

Factory reset the sensor.
Do NOT use the alpha station to configure the sensor.
Either use node red or send direct commands.= to configure.
The message you receive is FLY message

How do a factory reset?

checkout sensor hardware section

I got factory reset it and from Node red configured, after when I did normal reset, only shows some payloads in debug window, and at the end shows Mode =0… still cannot see the sending data every 30 seconds that I configured, however the NodeID took it right. Basically is doing same as before, I mean cannot see data flowing at 30 seconds interval.

This device sends data after intervals. Here are a possible option
|SET SAMPLING INTERVAL|F4|4F|0x06|Every 5 minutes 0x0
Every 10 minutes 0x01
Every 15 minutes 0x02
Every 20 minutes 0x03
Every 30 minutes 0x04
Every 60 minutes 0x05
Every 120 minutes 0x06|
| — | — | — | — |

Ok, well actually the sampling interval was set to 1 min, is the last option showing in the list. But still cannot see data flowing every 1 min. I make sure all axis were checked. After reset, it showed data at weird intervals, e.g: 7:28:58, with count =1, the next record is shown at 7:36:55, with count =2. It is like 8 min after.

The other issue is that showing the temp in the debug in Node-red, looks ok, but the rest of parameters are 0, I already shacked for some seconds the sensor, but no change, adjust the low pass filter and high pass filter, still no changes.

Sincerely, compare with the Vibration Sensors V2, it was a lot easier to setup and commissioning than V3.

I spend many hours today try to get at least one reading that makes sense, and still I can’t. With the V2, right away you get something.