Does reading relay status check memory or physical state?

Hi, I’m trying to confirm whether commands for reading the relay status are simply retrieving the last commanded state of the relay from memory, or if they actually check the physical open/close state of the relay to verify that the command was executed.
And, if the command for reading status does not check physical state, is there a command that does?
This is for the usb-controlled version of the proxr relay controller (ZUXPSR161DPDTPROXR) and we will be commanding the board directly instead of using basestation or another gui.

This would check the state of the transistor that drives the coil that actuates the relay. There is not another way to check the physical state of the relay. That said as long as the board has proper supply voltage it would be very very rare for the state of the transistor to not correctly indicate the state of the relay.