Does accelerometer provide raw data? what is the min reporting interval?

Hello all,

wanna clarify the type of data output of these sensors, “IoT Long Range Wireless Activity Detector Sensor” and “Industrial Wireless Activity Detector”. Are they processed or raw data?

And, what about the minimum reporting interval of these sensors? is it 1 data point per second or more than 1 per second?

Thank you in advance for any help!

These are interrupt driven sensors. When a change in acceleration is detected in X, Y, or Z axis they will send a transmission. This transmission will contain the Acceleration in X, Y, and Z axis in milli Gs.

Hopefully that will answer your questions.

If you are looking for raw data vibration sensors then I would recommend looking at the following devices which are designed for that:

Thank you for your reply, the devices you suggested look great!

I am looking into the wireless vibration temperature sensor V3.

the website says “(the sensor) samples 2048 samples each Axis and then calculates RMS and maximum vibration readings”.
If I would like to obtain raw data, does it indicate that i can recieve 2048 raw data in 1 sec?

if so, does the 2048 data points correspond to the measurement value with an interval around 0.5 mili-sec?

Thank you, TravisE.

The sampling duration can be set in 50millisecond increments with a maximum sampling duration of 10 seconds with a maximum sampling frequency of 25,600 hz. These two settings determine the number of readings per axis you would receive in raw data mode.

These and other points are outlined in the product user guide here:

The number of raw samples depends on

  1. sample duration
  2. sample rate
    max samples per axis in one go is 3400.
    These sensors are not designed to live stream the sensor data. The minimum sample interval is 5min for V3 devices.