Do 4-20mA Loop Transmitters need external 5V supply?

Hi NCD team,

I am interested in the two 4-20 mA Loop Tranmsmitters, as shown below:

I have some related questions:

1) In addition to the loop voltage that comes along with the 4-20mA 2-wire system, do the two modules need to be supplied with an additional (external) 5-V supply voltage ? Or it is sufficient to power both modules using the loop voltage (i.e., true 2-wire system) ?

2) Since I need to connect these 4-20 mA Tx modules with my sensor, do the two modules provide 5V supply voltage to power my sensor ? If yes, what is the maximum current the modules can supply ?

3) What are the main differences between the two modules ? I could see that one is written as “with power supply” and the other one is “mini module”.

Best regards and thank you very much !