Disable Counter Threshold on 1-Channel Production Counter?


I would like to disable the counter threshold on the 1-channel production counter:

Right now, the sensor reports every X seconds (Node ID and Delay) AND every Y counts (Counter Threshold)

I would like to disable the Counter Threshold, so that the sensor ONLY reports every X seconds.

I have tried the following, with no luck:

  • Setting Counter Threshold to 0 (didn’t seem to modify the previous threshold of 50)
  • Making the Counter Threshold Active Box Unchecked (didn’t seem to modify the previous threshold of 50)

Right now, I have set the threshold to 9999, which is the max that the input will take. I tried setting it to more (something like 4,000,000,000), and Node Red didn’t want to accept it.

Also, We would want to do the reverse in the future: disable time threshold, and only do a counter threshold.

Please advise!

for now set the counter value as high as possible. You should be able to set it like 65000.
@jacob the threshold value should be 2 byte value.

We can add the requested feature in future firmware release.


Isn’t this a 32 bit sensor which can handle counts up to 4,294,967,296 counts?

The Node Red Box on counter threshold turns red when I input anything above 9999

Yes, please add it to a future release!

Also whats the max setting on the time delay I can set? Node red is allowing me to input 9999999 ssconds. Thank you.

I have tried with this value as max value.

Screenshot from 2024-02-09 13-51-25

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