Direct Wired Contact Closure Remote SPDT Relay Controller 8-Channel 1-Way Not comunicating

Hi Pete,
If you order the wireless modules, we will send you new boards that are also configured for wireless operation, the new boards will include new transmitter and new relay board. The existing boards will not work over wireless, there are differences in the firmware. Given your location, we will ship these to you for free because of the problems. Hope this helps.

Hi Ryan, sounds good. If you can keep the cost as just the modules on the invoice that would be great so we don’t get hit with import tax again. I’m just to order those two modules through your online purchase?

Sorry do they come as pairs or do I require 2?

The invoice will show only the modules, as this is all that you will be purchasing. You will need 2 modules, as they do not come in pairs. We will pair them for you prior to shipment.
Thanks Peter,