Device Recommendations for our Situation(s)

Hi all,

Have been researching the site, forum, and elsewhere; have reached out to pre-sales; thought I’d try here as I saw on the site that the fastest way to get help was through the forum.

I’m looking for a single device to meet our monitoring and control needs at each location within a building and in buildings across a campus, as well as the wireless infra. devices required to make everything work. Here are some of the requirements I’m hoping such a device can meet:

  • Device requires 1-2 relays to control 24VAC water valve
  • Device requires input that can read pulses, in this case a water meter installed w/in 5’, w/sensor type dry contact reed switch w/max current 10mA and max voltage 24VAC/DC
  • Device will be powered. Spec has for 24VAC at each location, but may be some wiggle room for supplied power.
  • Device must be wireless. 2.4 mesh may be ok given the building and install locations, but 900 is interesting considering installs that span multiple buildings.
  • There will be an on-prem machine hosting the local portion of our platform and reading data from and controlling the devices. Solution needs to provide data and be controlled locally by our software solution (ie loss in internet connection does not cut off location from devices, and the devices and gateway provide local way for us read and control them).

I realize these are broad specs and that there may be many ways to come at this, but just looking to be pointed in the right direction, toward a few device possibilities. I can dive deeper from there.

If someone would like to contact me offline, I can be reached by the supplied email address for this account. Many thanks! - Pat

We do not have an “off the shelf” solution for this. However we do have hardware capable of everything you have listed other than it requires 12VDC so you will need an external power adapter.

Custom firmware would need to be developed to run on the hardware to control the 2 relays and monitor the pulse outputs from the reed switch. There would be cost involved in this unless you have in house C/C++ development capabilities, in that case we can just provide the hardware and you can flash your own firmware.