Dedicated Power to 4-20ma sensor

Is is possible to get this:

customized so that it has external power instead of batteries to supply power to a 4-20ma prox sensor?

Does NCD offer any other solutions?

Looking to count throughput of some packaging lines and I already have 40+ sensor and Node-red customized for other applications.

This device doesnt not supply power for 4-20mA device. You will need to use external power supply in order to power up the 4-20mA devices ( checkout drawing section on product page).

If you want to power up this product with external power supply that can be done. while placing the order please mention " add external power probe"



I’m trying to figure this one out. I purchased the “External Power Supply Connectivity Option For Wireless Sensor” when I purchased the 4-20mA current receiver.

I am just running some tests with a tank level radar powered by 4-20mA and am trying to figure out if I should rely on the AA batteries in the NCD, or hook up a small solar panel and 12V battery–which would last forever.

I was surprised to find the AA batteries in the 4-20 mA unit having purchased the external power option. So, just some questions:

  1. Does the “external supply option” --as it ship–only supply power to the sensor, but consume the AA batteries? This wasn’t clear.

  2. Can I configure both the NCD unit and the sensor to use an external 12V supply?

Batteries are a default options. they come with external power supply option as well.

if you select external power everything will be powered by external power supply and vice versa. it will use only one power source at a time.

There is a switch which can be used to select input power. if its near the enclosure wall then it will use batteries else it will use external power supply.

OK. Got it. So, the “off position” in this case is really just selecting the external supply–which makes sense, because I am able to get readings from the device now.

I’m not getting the Tank Level sensor to come up. I have put the device into configuration mode (I think), but I can’t get the sensor to power up. It should power up and let me hit it directly through bluetooth. Am currently just connected +/- of current sensor to my vega tank sensor.

I can’t find any wiring diagram for the current sensor that also includes the external power supply connection.

I can see one diagram posted in an earlier post where the battery is supposed to be in series with the sensor. Should I wire it that way?

Also, I see that there is a “Current Loop” version of my NCD device. Do I have the wrong one?

Just want to make sure. If I do hook up a battery in series, I don’t want to burn something out. What’s the internal resistance (current sense resistor) in your current receiver?

Yes, you will need a power source to complete the current loop. checkout the wiring diagram on the product page.

You can use the on board power supply to complete the loop as well.