Daisy chain PR38-4_100A with I2C cable

I’m trying to connect a 4-channel current sensor to the 6-channel that is running well. The 6-channel has no jumpers set, the 4-channel has only A0 set. So the base address for the 6-channel is 0x2A, and the 4-channel is 0x2B. I have the Arduino Nano adapter on the 6-channel and no processor on the 4-channel. I’m using sample code that fetches the device type and number of channels and I display the results of that in the setup() function on the Arduino. When I connect the 4-channel via the i2c cable, the 6-channel seems unable to communicate with the Arduino, and it hangs up in the setup() function. When I disconnect the i2c cable and reset the 6-channel, it runs fine. Do I need to connect the 4-channel to 12V (currently it is not - the only connections are to the 4 clamp-on transformers and the i2c cable that connects it to the 6-channel board).



can you share a picture of your setup

The board above is the 6-channel. It’s not in an enclosure, because both boards won’t fit into it - I’ll need to make one that’s a little bigger. The rainbow cable connects an nrf24 radio that sends the data back to a central node. The brown/red/orange/yellow cable is the i2c cable that came with the sensor board. It is connected to the 6-channel under the Arduino. If I connect that to the 4-channel sensor board, the power light on the 4-channel lights, and the Arduino can no longer “talk” to the 6-channel board that it’s plugged into, and the Arduino setup() code that queries the board and retrieves type, number of sensors etc. (from the sample code) hangs.

are you connecting the two board using i2c cable provided by us ?
if not it wont work. You will need an SI adapter

Ah! I didn’t realize I needed an adapter. So that I2C to loT adapter would plug into the 4-channel sensor board in my application, and the cable would go from that to the connector under the Arduino on the 6-channel, right?

you you got it.
right now you are connecting out to out. the si will give you an i2c in