Custom Wireless IoT Predictive Maintenance Sensor

Hi, I would like to know if I can get the wireless IoT Predictive Maintenance sensor with a pressure sensor instead of the ac current sensor. The pressure sensor would be inches of water and would measure 0-20" of H2O.

Yes, it can be done

  1. how many pcs do you need
  2. do you have any exp working ncd sensors

We plan to use it with our equipment we sell.
For now we looking for a partner that can supply the equipment and looking for software where it is easy for our customers to look at the data.
I do not know how many pieces we will need as we are looking for a source first. We will also need to test the sensor to make sure it is what we need.
No, I do not have any experience working with NCD sensors.

for testing purposes, I will recommend getting off-the-shelf hardware
PM Sensor

Pressure sensor


This will let you test out everything. once you have the setup working, we can build a custom PM sensor with a pressure sensor

Is there a phone app we can use to download the data?

no there is not any app