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I’m looking for a temperature-compensated I²C pressure sensor from 0-1IWG. I suppose it would be SKU: PR6-50; UPC: 689860066281 using the Amphenol DLC-L01D-D4 sensor instead.

TIA - Bram

whats the end application?
are you planning to measure a water tank level ?


The following sensor will measure a 2" water column.
The specified range is 2" of Vacuum to 2" of Head.

I’ve purchased quite a few of the AMS sensors from NCD and love them.
Zero problems, as long as I order the correct sensor for the application :wink:

Differential-Bidirectional is required for Fluid measurements.
Send your Fluid to Port 2, leave Port 1 open to the Atmosphere for automatic barometric compensation.

Make sure to remove all air from the Fluid tubing for best results.

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For anyone else looking to measure fluid height or pressure, here’s a simplified chart I hacked together a while back that only shows bidirectional differential sensors (for Fluid Service):

1 psi = 2.31 Feet of water, or 27.7 inches of water.
Send your water/fluid to port 2, leave port 1 open to the atmosphere.

The Outside Diameter (OD) of the Port is 0.125 inches (3.175 mm)
I like to use 2.5mm Inside Diameter (ID) tubing for a tight fit.

Tubing (sample link)

Quick Connector (sample link)


The Tubing and connector are “OverKill” for 15 psi Fluid Service (max for these bidirectional differential sensors), but I also use this tubing for 100 psi air pressure monitoring ( AMS5812-1000-D ).

You can use a Silicone Tubing with 2mm ID and 6mm OD instead for 15 psi fluid service.

My end application is a sensor that’ll read 0-1"w.c. with a precision of 0.01"w.c.

A differential sensor’s scale will also include the vacuum side.
So -1" to +1" w.c. = 2" w.c. Full Scale
Assuming you want an accuracy of 0.01"w.c (not just precision), that requires a 0.5 %FSS rated sensor for -1" to +1".
The sensor you mentioned in your first post (the Amphenol DLC-L01D-D4) appears to be a 2 %FSS total error, similar to the AMS.

It seems to me that if you are able to perform accurate measurements to 0.01" water column, many factors that we normally don’t consider would come into play (density changes from temp, surface tension, etc.)

I’m interested in seeing what you guys decide for the sensor. This sounds like a neat project :grinning:

I haven’t yet found a ±.5"w.c. in the similar package so the Amphenol sensor is the closest available. The suggested 5.17 mbar switch is too much for our application.

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we will need to create custom board in order to build this sensor product. the current boards wont work with this sensor.

I would like a quotation for this. I emailed last week, you can PM through that.