Custom or adapt the PCA9685 16-Channel 8W Open Collector 12-Bit PWM FET Driver with I2C Interface

Hello there,
I need to control 96 White LEDs that are 3.8V with PWM fading in and out. I bought one of the PCA9685 boards and understand how I could make it work, but it is frustrating to need to make a second board that deals with the distribution of the 3.8V and the ground. Additionally, needing to add in a 2V power supply just for the board is super frustrating. Is their a board that can deal with my needs better or should I talk to someone about customizing? I will need 7 of these and so am trying to figure out how affordable the customization is…

what the max current consumption of one led?
if you want to do all this using just one power supply then we should look into a high side pwm driver with 3.8V power supply. This will be a custom board. the custom board will have P channel fets and a 3.8V power supply on board.
you can know more about custom design over here


Ok, I cannot use the custom option because it is out of my price range (tho somewhat reasonable). The LEDS will use 1W MAX, so about 300mA. Can someone explain how useful the PCA9685 16-Channel 8W 12V FET Driver Proportional Valve Controller with I2C Interface might work instead? It is not clear how you define the voltage going to the devices - or is it assumed that everything is 12V?

you could use this one

You will need a 3.8V power suppply as well.
This is how it will connect
Led +ve >> 3.8V power supply
Led +ve >> OC on the board
Power Supply -Ve >> Board Ground