Current Sensors for FXR16X ADC

Hello all!

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So I am curious if I can use the OPCT16AL Sensors directly with the ADC and if so, could I purchase them from you guys? If that is not possible, could you recommend an alternate sensor that would work?

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Hi Ingo,
Its not possible to interface current sensor to ADC, they need a lot of extra hardware and too much processing to calculate the current.
But you can do something like this
Fusion boards has I2C port, so you can use I2C current sensor board with fusion and read current.
You can use this board


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Thank you for the input Bhaskar

Sorry to revive an old dog but I do have a couple more questions.

With my current setup I am using BaseStation and the Web-I interface for controlling relays. Could you see benefit to using the following with a Ethernet Module to tie into my system? I will be writing our own interface for running this system would would like to have as many options open as possible.

Also, would be it be possible to have it calibrated per channel when ordering?

Many thanks!

Hi Ingo,
You could use this with the fusion board you already have. this will work base station as well. We use this current sensor with a relay board to control and monitor multiple on off stages of a wave soldering machine.

This board comes factory calibration and could be calibrated using base station as well.
What will be the max current you will be measuring using these sensors ?


Howdy Bhaskar,

I have several motors ranging from 0.5amp to 100amp. I am also curious if you have any models or options for more than 6 sensors per board.

Many thanks

we dont have these with more then 6.
You could use 3 of these boards to build a 16 channel setup.
I will recommend getting 100A and 50A versions in that case. You could use 50A version to measure 0-50A and use 100A version to measure 0-100A range.